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New Clinical Trial into ALS
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As a Partner of the
Pharmaceutical Services
Network (PSN), we can
cover multinational clinical
trials, offering the benefits
of proven, niche trials...

As a specialist biotech
company, you need trials
that are well-run, well-
managed and co-ordinated
by a team that understands
your requirements.

Many pharmaceutical
companies need specialist
services from niche clinical
trials providers like CCA.

Our experienced team...

When your research
project reaches the stage
where you are ready to
take it to trial you need to
be confident in the team
you choose to handle...

In Clinical Research, experience matters. You want to know that your trials are managed by a
stable, professional team that will keep you informed and run your project to the highest standards.

With particular expertise in Phase I and II studies for pharmaceutical, biotech and investigator led
projects, you can trust CCA to manage trials of any size, anywhere in the world.

Our hand-picked professionals work as an extension of your business, but with the independence,
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reliability and consistency you’d expect from a company whose clients come back year after year.

In fact, we have 25 years of successful trials and satisfied clients to our name.
Contact us today to find out how we can help you.